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Yoga before going to bed

.This is a great task for those who want to improve the quality of sleep, get rid of stress, remove muscle clamps and significantly improve blood circulation.Its magic property is that it combines muscle stretching and meditation. This, in turn, perfectly helps to combat stress and improve the overall level of mood.And this is exactly what yoga classes are designed to help with.If you do not want to miss out on the most pleasant time of the day, do not forget about a proper night's sleep.This is a very stressful time for many people, and yoga classes are a sure way to cheer up and get rid of all this pain.Just do not choose stressful moments for yoga classes, especially if they are not part of your regular routine.The best times for yoga classesAccording to popular belief, it is best to start your workout on an empty stomach. This is important to remember when practicing yoga.The body is highly resistant to harmful substances, so if you sit down with a full stomach, it will be extremely difficult for you to remove all the pounds.It is best to start your workout with a warm-up. This will make your blood circulation and muscles strong.In the mean time, you can lose weight by changing your routine. Do yoga every day at least 3 minutes, and make yoga classes available to everyone. This will help remove stress, get rid of impurities that may be holding you back.The main components of a good workout:Exercise intensity and pace speed Intensity is very important. If you train in the gym, but work out for yourself, then the pace and intensity should be exactly as fast as your heart desires. And if you work out for yourself, then the intervals between exercises should be small.Activity rateIs it possible to get a positive effect from yoga? Yes, definitely. The main thing is regularity.That is, you should not force results.Yoga should be a habit. It should be a source of strength, courage, and motivation. And once you kick it in the face, you will never get up.Your whole body should be in constant motion. This is a source of strength and grace. And if you want to be beautiful in any way, just keep moving forward.This is how I move forward every morning. I don't want to stop moving forward. I can't do it anymore. I stand in the gym, I perform exercises, and I keep moving forward. Everything is simple, but effective. This is how I wake up, I start my morning exercise routine, and I perform a warm-up. And within 10 minutes, I have already run 10 kilometers, had time to eat, and are already exercising.In my experience, I have noticed an improvement in the quality of sleep, an increase of at least 2 times. And this is a long-term effect, so if you