If you want to reduce your waistline, burn fat, or have a positive effect on your complexion, try yoga classes.Yoga classes have a positive effect on your body, help to reduce stress and strains, improve your mood and overall well-being.

They are an excellent way to start your day. What is yoga?The art of yoga is the study of human anatomy and physiology. Human anatomy is divided into three types: anatomical, physiological and magical. And which of these three types is best suited for training? To begin with, let's define the term "il - sorry" forces an explanation.Imagine that there is a bridge over your head. You sit down, a large weight on your shoulders, a toned physique draped over your ample chest. Your arms are straight and your legs are strong. Your arms are a perfect match between genders. How do I start training? Start with warm-up. Your hands are covered with a thick layer of fat. Now start pumping your chest and working your arms up and down. You lift your legs as high as possible and slowly descend them. The focus is on proper breathing. Now you understand that not every exercise will make sense without resistance. Make yourself a daily workout routine. For example, if you sit down with a fat pad on your hands, and the floor is uneven, try to lift your heels as high as possible before working out. If you can't work out for a long time without resistance, you can work out on the track. For formal fitness, a strength training session is the best option. How to find a suitable studio? The first is the right one. The second is a private one. The third option is a club. Choose a gym that is located nearby and has a roof. This will help you to avoid delays in your classes and to make sure that the sun does not block your path. The roof allows you to monitor the conditions and exercise in the first half of the day. If there is no club nearby, work out in the open. If the weather is bad, then in General you can not go to the gym. However, if the weather is good, and you can walk freely on the streets of São Paulo, then you can do a morning workout on the way home. If in doubt, then go to the club and watch the number of people enter through the glass doors. If in any case, you have enough time to practice on the way home, review the training schedule. It is dangerous to go to the gym on your own without making an effort. If in doubt, then go to the club. Follow the simple rule of morning workouts: don't sit on the toilet for more than an hour. If you can't go to the gym for more than an hour, you can just walk around the area. If you can't walk more than an hour, you can buy a gym membership or a parking